Monday, February 3, 2014

Organizing Challenge

My stamp club issued a challenge for this month to organize. I also was alerted to Tiffany Spaulding's organizing methods and I took the challenge.  All I can say is wow, what a difference. I will be posting some photos here to show what I have been doing. It doesn't look like much but there is a boat load of work involved. Hopefully I will like it as much as everyone states. Sure would be nice to find stuff easily!

The only thing new is the scrap rack itself. I had the storage cubes already just turned them on their sides. I have moved loads of paper and stuff in the center of my room. In the reconfigure process now. 

Here is a photo of the middle of the room empty.

Here is the paper storage and scrap rack now.

Here is a panoramic photo of my room. It isn't as big as it looks when it bends the walls. But it is a cool place to play.

I will update as  more changes are made.

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