Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day Late and Dollar Short

Didn't realize Tracy had extended the deadline for her creative dare in January. While watching Mixed Media Monday I heard this information. However, I am not Kerri paint quick like this Tracy so it didn't get done in an hour. I swear she uses the magic of television to get those paintings done. I did finish it today so I will post the pictures. 

Apparently my word for 2015 is Prioritize. With a second little boy in the house I have had to make split second decisions and prioritizing seems to be my manta. So be it.
 Here are the paints I used.
 Here are some more products used.
 You get the idea here. New camera close ups.
 Cardiac care book paper. I just couldn't help myself.

 All the little details were done with these bad boys.

Thanks for looking. It is so much fun to play.

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